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Kevin has been selling homes for nearly 20 years and prides himself on being the most proactive agent in the luxury market space. His clients privacy is paramount. Reach out to learn more about his unmatched process and results driven strategy.

Essential Steps to Selling Your Home

step 1 Prepare

Before you determine the listing price for your property and place it on the market, it’s important for essential property repairs, cosmetic improvements/staging and in some cases, major renovations to take place.This will help you maximize your financial return and increase the chance of it selling faster.

step 2 Private

The Private Listing Phase: Kevin’s technique is unlike any other agent. Positioning your home to be the most highly sought after property on the market is an art that Kevin has perfected. Kevin sells nearly ¾ of his listings this way. This means, higher prices, less days on market and not being disturbed by tire kickers. He separates the serious from the curious.

step 3 Value

Ensuring your home sells at maximum value within a reasonable period of time is dependent on your pricing strategy. Kevin will help you create the ideal strategy based on the factors listed on page 17 of the flip book below.

step 4 Market

Today’s real estate buyers are local and international, and are looking for homes through traditional and digital channels. To achieve top dollar for your home, it’s essential that you maximize the exposure of your property to them.

step 5 Show

Once your home is listed on the market, Kevin will advise you on how showings and open houses fit into the marketing and selling strategy and will work with you to facilitate them. They will also provide you with weekly feedback on your property from prospective buyers so you can adjust the presentation of your home, or its price, accordingly.

step 6 Offers

Kevin will help you evaluate and negotiate offers from potential buyers in order to protect your interests, and to ensure you are optimizing the price and conditions surrounding the sale of your home.

step 7 Close

What’s My Home Worth?


Sold Listings

Sold $8,000,000 1111 W River Parkway
Sold $2,100,000 1331 North Arm Drive
Sold $6,200,000 275 Lakeview Avenue